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Training on Bord ..
by Clemens Schuett...

Hello, my name is Clemens Schuett and I am one of the 19 shipmechanic trainees in the Hartmann Company.

I started my apprenticeship in summer 2010 together with 4 other trainees. At first we were together for 5 months in the maritime school in Elsfleth.

After we had finished the school everybody of us joined a vessel and started the real part of the training. My first vessel was the "GasChem Hunte" and the first time was very exciting for me because everything was new and quite different then I had imagined before.

To my point of view, the training on a ship gave me a really good chance to do something different. Besides, the daily tasks were very interesting and diversified. The employment on the ship was very different to the occupation ashore. In contrast to the employment on the ship, the occupation ashore is more habitual and more routine.

When you have finished your work you can go home to your family but when you are on a vessel and you finished your work you canīt go home, you have to stay there. You live on your workplace, with diverse people, nationalities and on different places in the world.

My choice for starting a training as a shipmechanic wasnīt only based on the special kind of work which take place on board, but also to live and work together with the diverse people from other countries. This is why I decided to start a training as a shipmechanic. During my training on board I learned a lot of several things.

The officers und engineers presented their work in a very interesting way. Because they took a lot of time for me and my training I was very satisfied and happy. There are so many things on bord they teached me, e.g. about the machinery, navigation and the work on deck.

For me it was and it is still like a great adventure. I will never forget one situation on my first voyage from Antwerp to Houston. We were just passing the Bahamas and we had a lot of traffic. I was on the bridge together with my training officer and the captain to learn something. But then we heard an alarm that the autopilot was failed. Although I had no experience how to steer, the captain said I should take over the rudder. I tried my best and they showed me everything. It was a very nice feeling for me to steer the vessel with my own hands. In this moment I realized I had the control of the hole ship, an amazing sense of delight.

Moreover I had a lot of fun during my abode on the ship caused of the diverse crewmembers with different nationalities and I got to know how to assume big responsibility for the crew, for the vessel and for me because we are all in one boat.


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