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Written by: Franz Czerny, Dennis Greschke, Niclas Jann▀en , Siegfried Plickert


Dear reader,
We are four crewmembers of the Ital Ordine. Niclas, Franz and Dennis have just started Training as shipmechanics in summer 2011, while Siegfried has successfully finished his apprenticeship.

We were totally overwhelmed of what have learned at the Maritime Training Center in Elsfleth, Germany, in a very short period of time. After the first onboard safety drill, we have recognized that teachers prepared us excellently in firefighting, rescue and safety management.

Siegfried, who has gained a lot of experience during training at the Hartmann Reederei and the Maritime Training Center, can tell that training for him was an essential part of preparation for his final examinations as a shipmechanic. All in all, training made the difference to him.

What does training mean to us?

To us, training means increasing our abilities to work safely and professional. One of the first things we have learned is, that working on board of a ship includes potential hazards and takes a lot of responsibility. Due to these circumstances, a permanent, consequent and modern training is relentless.

The training starts with the correct usage of tools necessary on board like angle grinder, going on to entering enclosed spaces and even maneuvering a vessel in all kinds of weather conditions is, next to a lot of other aspects, an important step, to become an experienced seafarer.

Positive Aspects

The Maritime Training Center is a school with modern facilities. It has a crane simulator, a freefall lifeboat and even a hot firefighting simulator. The motivated teachers were competent and have always helped, if any questions came up. It was the right place to start our training.

On board, the training officers taught us a lot about engine plans, rescue management, SOLAS, maritime and technical English and handling documents like risk assessment.

The high technical standard of training equipment like Videotel, training manuals and ISM viewer had a positive effect on our knowledge.

Unforgettable events

The basic safety practice included many unforgettable events. Launching the freefall lifeboat, firefighting under breathing apparatus and simulating survival techniques with bad weather conditions.

We have also learned how to work with metal in a seven week long workshop. The course included how to weld, how to work with lathe machines and many other working tactics.

In March, 2010 Siegfried has participated in a Helicopter Exercise between the small gas tanker Danubegas and the Dutch coast guard. The Helicopter was approaching the vessel and dropped life guards with a stretcher on the aft deck. The exercise came very close to reality and gave an impression how to handle the rescue operation of an injured person.

Another drill that also took place at the tanker Danubegas was a drill with chemical protection suits, which gave us the feeling to manage chemistry accidents fast and smart.

Our report already indicated that training to us, has made a big difference in experience and crisis management.

Due to these elaborate impressions, Siegfried takes over a lot of experience in his upcoming study for an engineer`s license.

The three of us are looking forward to receiving even more exciting trainings and hope to set the right course in our apprenticeship.




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