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Training on Bord ..
by Clemens Schuett...

Hello, my name is Clemens Schuett and I am one of the 19 shipmechanic trainees in the Hartmann Company.

I started my apprenticeship in summer 2010 together with 4 other trainees. At first we were together for 5 months in the maritime school in Elsfleth.

After we had finished the school everybody of us joined a vessel and started the real part of the training. My first vessel was the "GasChem Hunte" and ....


by Johannes Fleischer



My name is Johannes Fleischer and I am 21 years old. I work since two years as a trainee with the Hartmann-Shipping Company.

During those years I spent 29 weeks at school and two 4 month contracts on container vessels, one on MV Frisia Rotterdam and one on MV Ital Ordine.

Just now I began my third contract as SM Trainee on board of one of Hartmann┤s Gas Tankers, MT Danubegas. In this time I learned quite a lot. At school I was primarily taught the theoretical and basic knowledge, which was put into practice during my training time on board.

I was asked to write an article about...


Written by: Franz Czerny, Dennis Greschke, Niclas Jann▀en , Siegfried Plickert

Dear reader,
We are four crewmembers of the Ital Ordine. Niclas, Franz and Dennis have just started Training as shipmechanics in summer 2011, while Siegfried has successfully finished his apprenticeship.

We were totally overwhelmed of what have learned at the Maritime Training Center in Elsfleth, Germany, in a very short period of time. After the first onboard safety drill, we have recognized that teachers prepared us excellently in firefighting, rescue and safety management.

Siegfried, who has gained a lot of experience during training at the Hartmann Reederei and the Maritime Training Center, can tell that...




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